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What is Cloud

Why Cloud?

UNS Cloud Services (UCS) are designed to complement UNSʼs variety of front store solutions. The wBox Enterprise Cloud (with optional Data Mining and Dashboard functions) is particularly valuable to chain-restaurant operations as corporate managers can configure POS variables, perform menu programming and access consolidated data reporting centrally. The unique emphasis of UNS‘s cloud computing is real-time accessibility. In real-time, data from the POS or KDS solutions is dispatched immediately to their associating clouds when predefined events (such as POST or BUMP) take place. This real-time data delivery, reporting and dashboard services are designed to notify hospitality operators of any particular operational issues so they can react or resolve these issues without delays.



Successful retail operation today hinges on the efficiency of the supply chain. This is a particularly pressing issue now where most retailers interact with customers through multiple channels: physical store, internet store and apps. The ability to reduce inventory while ensuring availability is a tall challenge that many retailers still fail to meet. Wavesoft inventory cloud function allows enterprise retailers to manager and monitor stock level in real-time, allowing necessary control measures to be implemented to the optimal profitability.

Enterprise Cloud Management

Data Mining

Enterprise solutions offers a dynamic view of your restaurant data through the cloud. Chain operators can access Multi Store reports and graphic charts to compare individual store or by region performance based on multiple criteria. Wavesoft Enterprise Cloud empowers hospitality operators to make business decisions in the now by analyzing restaurant data through dashboard and reports in real-time via the cloud or on standard mobile devices including iPhone and any tablets


The Benefits of CLoud

The best from us.

Unified View of Cost and IT Utilization

When a cloud environment is properly managed, IT and business leaders have a comprehensive view of IT assets, including cloud services and software.

Minimize the Risk of Data Loss

Effective cloud management practices bolster security and reduce the number of vulnerabilities that could be exposed to malicious outsiders. Reining in cloud sprawl also ensures that configurations meet enterprise standards, that data is properly secured and that operational continuity is maintained.

Cut Down on Wasted IT Spending

Effective cloud management helps organizations get rid of unneeded cloud expenses and optimize cloud resources, resulting in better results for less money.

Cloud Solutions


  • Data Backup and Redundancy
  • Real-time data transportation and consolidation
  • Store Attributes and Store Group Management
  • Centralized Menu & base data management.
  • Modifier management
  • Base data entry and maintenance
  • Image and video management
  • Employee and user right management
  • POS configuration and setup function
  • EOD and file management
  • Multi-outlet inventory query function
  • Data transportation and registration
  • Store level /Transaction/Item Sale/Forecast reporting
  • Data consolidate and custom queries
  • Comparative reporting with charts

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