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Why KDS?

iKDS is the third generation KDS solution developed specifically to facilitate the entire kitchen management onto iPads. iKDS is powerful yet cost-effective, and it’s easy to deploy and maintain. iKDS comes with fully integrated cloud monitor functions, enterprise clients are able to access and compare real-time performance reports among different KDS terminals or across multiple outlets right from their smartphones .



Implementing a iKDS system will streamline operations, allowing the front of house to clearly communication requests to the kitchen staff, and decrease error. This technology eliminates the possibility of illegible orders and lost printed ticket. Items are prepared in a timely manner and completed in the order they arrived to the kitchen. This helps to keep front of house staff on a steady schedule and provide quality service to customers.


Easy & Convenience

Third Party Software Integration that being said, don’t just look for POS integration. Look for an iOS app that can easily integrate with third party software solutions, and a provider that offers technical consultation for ISV partners to develop the interface to ensure a smooth transition. If you plan on setting up more than one display in the kitchen — and you should if you have multiple prep stations — make sure you can integrate all of the displays with your technology so any orders can be sent directly to the correct prep station. This improves communication between front- and back-of-house staff, and eliminates order errors, while improving speed of service.

The Benefits of KDS

The best from us.

Familiar User Experience

iKDS can be downloaded onto any iPad to work in conjunction with your current restaurant POS system. Because most people are already familiar with the Apple user experience, iKDS can be deployed and used effortlessly. The recognizable iOS user experience allows for easier employee training and improved communication.

Eliminate Paper Tickets

Printing out order tickets is not only a messy, unreliable system, but is also damaging to the environment. Not to mention the costs of purchasing paper, ink, and printers. An added benefit of implementing a kitchen display system for iPads to your restaurant is the complete elimination of paper tickets, which will help save the environment and your wallet.

Reduce Error and Increase Efficiency

iKDS can provide your restaurant with more accurate order processing and order management. Having a simple, centralized KDS leaves less room for error, and more opportunity for excellence.

Kds System


  • Real-time cloud monitor app ready
  • Fail-over technology support
  • Customizable font size and grid dimension
  • Grid transaction based and line item-based item mode
  • Dynamic transaction grid mode
  • Item image support (configurable from cloud)
  • Multiple lingual support
  • Dynamic same item or same table grouping

Kds System


  • Customizable grouping and filtering function
  • Four level time threshold warning and reporting
  • Item or terminal based expiration time
  • Customizable background and colors
  • Unlimited routing and item status options
  • Item image support (configurable from cloud)
  • Sync bump and multiple bump function
  • Real-time item sales report

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