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Management Apps for iOS

WaveSoft is a leading iOS app developer specializing in solutions for the restaurant hospitality industry. As the first company in the world to offer native iOS applications for restaurants, WaveSoft provides the innovative technology your business needs to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market. WaveSoft’s business strategy is clear and unique: we offer restaurant management apps for iOS that complement and enhance existing POS solutions, not replace them.


iOS Solutions


Introduce WaveSoft’s iKDS solution into your kitchen for a faster, more efficient order preparation process. iKDS has a sleek, straightforward design and innovative technology that streamlines your operations and provides real-time cloud reporting. Boost productivity in the kitchen with iKDS.


Integrate your point of sale system onto any iOS device with our most popular app: WavePOS. WavePOS mimics the workflow and interface of your existing POS system to produce a tablet POS solution, on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, which you can place right into your servers’ hands. WavePOS is compatible with the following POS solutions:


WaveTOUCH is a mobile application that transforms your tablet or smartphone into a customer facing, self-ordering solution. As an iOS compatible system, WaveTOUCH is mobile centric and allows you to keep your data secure. Provide a better customer experience with the WaveTOUCH app.


Management Apps for iOS

Our 20+ years working with hospitality businesses, we understand the fast-paced dynamic of your operations. We are constantly improving and updating our solutions to match the ongoing needs of restaurant owners to maximize efficiency, customer service, and ROI. We believe restaurant owners and system integrators deserve the best and open choices on business technologies, and shouldn’t have to choose or give up one or the other


Management Apps for iOS

From small bars and mom and pop restaurants to large fast food chains, trust WaveSoft to streamline your operations and maximize productivity with the latest restaurant technology tools.

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